Două maluri – un popor!

Sector: Social

Implementat de: Asociația Publică „Federația de șah a Republicii Moldova” în parteneriat cu Federația de șah și dame din orașul Râbnița

Budget: 23.696 USD

Duration: December 2016 – September 2018

Beneficiaries: direct – 624.  Indirect beneficiaries – 1250 participants at championships, tournaments, trainings, camps.    

Results: During the implementation of the project were organized:

  • Open Left Bank Championship among adults and children in Ribnita with 96 participants/38 women;
  • Chess Championship of the Republic of Moldova among children under 7 years old for 20 kids/4 girls;
  • Simultaneous chess play session in Rezina for 18 participants/4 women;
  • Memorial „Peter Gulika” in Rezina with 22 participants/4 women;
  • Republican tournament „Friendship of Peoples” with 105 participants/17 women;
  • Republican training for trainers courses – 30 participants /5 women;
  • Comrat Open Cup with 88 participants/4 women;
  • International tournament „Silver Autumn” in Balti with 152 participants/3 women;
  • Republican tournament „Memorial A.Lutikov” in Tiraspol with 123 participants/6 women;
  • Training camps with 12 participants/5 women;