Wind tower in Stroiest village, Ribnita

– Historical and architectural monument, in the shape of a pergola, erected at the end of the 19th century. It was ordered by Emilia Wittgenstein-Trubetscaia, in memory of her father, general-marshal of the army of the Russian Empire, participant in the war of 1812, Piotr Hristianovici Wittgenstein. The building is located on a steep cliff near Nistru river and dominates this area. It is built of large blocks of local stone and is about 5 meters high.

– Currently, the architectural monument is in an unsatisfactory state. A column is partially destroyed, and the construction is deformed. There is an urgent need to stabilize the monument, to make the path to it accessible, to clean and arrange the territory. These interventions are necessary to preserve the tower, which is the symbol and attraction of this area, but also to increase the safety and comfort of tourists who visit it permanently.