Water mill in Beloch village, Ribnita

– The water mill was built at the end of the 19th century. This is a unique building with masonry in three levels. Cultural and historical value is not only the internal structure and the principle of work, but also the quality of construction – the building was raised without a single nail, all stones are perfectly fitted to each other, wooden floors have been fastening the entire structure for more than 125 years. All equipment and mechanisms were brought from Swiss Zurich and preserved their original form. The mill processed up to two tons of grain per day, produced several types of groats and flour.

– The condition of the building allows it to be completely restored and even to resume the production process. To prevent the destruction of walls and internal ceilings, the restoration of a leaking roof is required. Restoration work is also necessary for individual elements of wooden floors and supports. Restoring and strengthening requires a water channel from buta, which began to collapse under the influence of a stream of water, part of the wall collapsed