The tomb of the Macri family in Dubasarii vechi, r.Criuleni

– The tomb of the Macri family was designed by the architect Alexandru Bernardazzi and was built in the second half of the 19th century. A tombstone is installed at the entrance. The metal door has wrought iron elements, handmade. Most details of the construction are marble and granite. Inside the ceiling has the shape of a prism under which there is a pedestal for coffins. The tomb is a very visited tourist monument because it includes an international history: the author is of Italian origin, the Macri family – of Greek origin, the Donici family – Bessarabian Romanians, refugees in Argentina, Lysacovschi – Poles of Russian origin.

– Cracks appeared on the walls of the tomb, some elements came off. Every detail needs to be analyzed to decide whether to restore or replace it. The whole spectrum of works necessary for the conservation of the construction must be carried out.