Youth@Work – online social gaming/communication platform

Sector: Social

Implemented by: The National Youth Council in Moldova/Emerson College/UNDP Policy Implementation Unit

Duration: July 2012 – January 2013

Budget: 12,975 €

Short description: During 3 weeks (7-28 April 2014), an online game and communication platform entitled Youth@Work hosted approx. 1200 participants out of 97 Moldovan localities, including the Transnistrian region and UTA Gagauzia. The participants at the game were able to compete three weeklong „missions”. Enabling them to discuss issues related to employment, jobs and migration, get acquainted with the existing support network and got actively involved in identifying solutions to overcome problems in their communities. More than 29 small community project ideas have been submitted to the Bank of Ideas within the game, allowing other participants to vote for the winning projects. Each of the winning project ideas would benefit from an award of up to 10,000 MDL.

Results: More than 1,500 users participated, getting acquainted with Moldovan youth unemployment’ policies, and have proposed solutions, which were publicly presented in May 2014. Four projects, including one from Transnistrian region, received awards of up to 10,000 MDL to support local youth initiatives. The Tiraspol based project established a partnership with a group from Rusestii Noi, Ialoveni, and were carrying out joint activities