Two Banks of One River – Local Fairy Tales and Legends

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Public association “KaLumea”in partnership with Holercani City Hall and local leaders from Tîrnăuca village on the left bank of the Nistru River

Budget: 23.696 USD

Duration: December 2016 – September 2018

Beneficiaries: direct – 182. Indirect beneficiaries -3000 participants at Ia-Mania Festival and public readings.    

Results: The main goal of this project is to create the conditions for the residents of the villages of Ternovka (Left Bank) and Holercani (Right Bank) to participate in joint cultural activities for the preservation and development of their cultural heritage.

During the implementation of the project were organized:

  • The information for the book of legends and stories has been collected from at least 100 people in villages Ternovka (Left Bank) and Holercani (Right Bank).
  • a contest has been organized to select the illustrator of the story book 4 woodworking workshops has been organized for the 8 youth participants from both banks 3 out of 5 workshops in ceramic were organized for 12 participants  from both banks, who acquainted  skills that will enable them to create original handicraft from ceramics;
  • 4 workshops organized in sewing popular costumes; 10 such costumes sewn for the ensemble from Tirnauca village for “Ia Mania” festival. 8 participants from both banks learned and practiced in the workshops the peculiarities of the popular costume, the tailoring, the choice of the ornament and colors, the embroidery execution. The final works were exposed at “Ia Mania” Festival.
  • First edition of the book Fairy Tales and Legends from Nistru banks has been printed in 500 copies. The book of stories and legends on the Dniester created an emotional connection between the two villages.The books were donated to libraries of both villages and to other public libraries.
  • The public readings of the book Fairy Tales and Legends from Nistru banks has been organized in Chisinau and Tiraspol with participation of well-known public persons.
  • During the “Ia Mania” Festival, on July 8, the official presentation of the project results and of the book Fairy Tales and Legends from Nistru banks has been organized in Holercani.