Treatment of hepatitis is real

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Center of legal initiatives in partnership with Central rayon Hospital in Ribnita (left bank), Rayon Hospital in Rezina 

Budget: 15.126 USD

Duration: December 2016 – August 2018.

Beneficiaries: direct- around of 900 persons from both banks, trained about the problem of viral hepatitis and benefited of medical care. Indirect beneficiaries – around 3000 persons from both banks informed about the problem of viral hepatitis.

Results: During the implementation of the project were organized:

  • a round table to launch of the project in Rybnitsa, attended by 30 participants/20 women: doctors and health workers of the Rybnitsa and Rezina district hospitals, volunteers of the NGO Center of legal initiatives, and students of the Medical University.
  • a seminar on the Acquaintance with the Moldova National Program on Combating Hepatitis, attended by 19 participants/15 women.
  • 2 visits on the exchange of experience of the medical staff of the Rybnita District Hospital to the Rezina District Hospital took place.
  • a training was held for volunteers to develop their communication skills and to familiarize them with the problem of viral hepatitis. The training was attended by 18 participants/16 women,
  • A Hepatitis Campaign was conducted, during which 3,000 people / 2,034 women were informed about the risks of viral hepatitis.
  • Provision of medical care for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis in health facilities in Rybnitsa and Rezina by hepatologists.
  • Consultations provided for more than 1000 patients / 609 women with viral hepatitis and liver cirrhosis, including 142 from Rybnitsa /82 women and 9 patients from Kamenka / 6 women.
  • In the framework of the National Program for the Control of Hepatitis in the Republic of Moldova, 212 patients /115 women received free treatment, including 28 patients from the Left Bank of the Nistru / 13 women.
  • A round table was held dedicated to the completion of the project, attended by 19 participants/15 women.

During the project have been developed and printed:

  • Information brochure about the project (1500 copies);
  • Hepatitis information flyer (1500 copies: 750 in Russian and 750 in Romanian);
  • Informational calendars to combat hepatitis (500 desk calendars and 1000 pocket calendars).

These materials were distributed during the above activities in Rybnita, Rezina and Kamenca hospitals.