Sustainable agriculture is the guarantee for the development and good neighbouring relations between two banks of the river Nistru

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Public Association Mediu Scop in partnership with NGO Turunciuc (left bank)

Budget: 23,277 USD

Duration: December 2016 -October 2018

Beneficiaries: direct – around of 540 persons from both banks/ 300 women, benefited of training and exchange of experience. Indirect beneficiaries – around 1000 persons from both banks benefited of heated water by solar collector.   

Results: During the implementation of the project were organized:

A training seminar was held in Chobruchi, Slobozia on the basis of Moldavian secondary school No. 2, on the topic ,,Alternative energy resources, practical application”.

A seminar for farmers on the topic “Irrigation of agricultural crops in conditions of sustainable agriculture” was held in the Research Institute of Agriculture

• a seminar for farmers on the topic “Soil cultivation under sustainable agriculture” was held in Purcari and Olanesti, Stefan Voda

• In August, a solar collector was installed in the secondary school No. 2 of the village Choburchiu of the Stefan Voda district for more than 150 beneficiaries.

• In September, a solar collector was installed in Moldavian secondary school No. 2 in Chobruchi village, Slobozia for 350 beneficiaries.

• In October-November 2018, 2 books were printed: The design of a solar collector for heating water and what you need to know for practicing sustainable farming.