Support to vulnerable young people from the Transnistrian region in their social and professional development

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Demos Association from Edinet in partnership with Serdtse Charity Foundation, Bender and Moştenitorii Association, Bălţi

Duration: November 2013 – November 2014

Budget: 25,972 €

Short description: 21 disadvantaged youth (16 women and 5 men) were supported in their socio-professional integration: social and life skills have been developed through individual and group activities, 47 legal documents were drafted, 21 employment agreements were signed, 2 children of beneficiaries were placed in nursery, 20 humanitarian aids were offered to youth;

  • A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between local administration and Serdtse NGO to integrate socially and professionally vulnerable youth from Bender;
  • 1000 informational materials (a pocket calendar and a leaflet) were distributed helping to identify project beneficiaries. 2 press conferences were held on each bank to raise awareness on the project activities. 5 media products were produced and published, as well as broadcasted on the radio and TV;
  • 2 study visits and workshops, mentoring held by Demos to Serdtse in the area of social services provision to vulnerable youth. Bender specialists have developed professional skills and received a set of working tools;
  • A study visit to Poland and Romania were organized for 10 specialists from both banks (2 men, 8 women) to develop capacity and increase cooperation between CSOs and LPAs. The participants have been familiarized with the EU experience in cross-sector cooperation for social integration of disadvantaged youth and effective communication models between NGOs and LPA. Concrete CBM project ideas have emerged aiming at improving the lives of vulnerable youth from both banks and promoting empowerment and employment;
  • At least 80 % of beneficiaries supported by the BenderSocio-Professional integration service lived real success stories, revealed human and physical transformations: from poverty and marginalization to social status change – employment, human security, independence, empowerment;
  • The partnership established within the project is currently being supported in the Transnistrian region by Caritas.