Support to the dismantling works of the industrial cable car across the river Nistru, located near the cities Rezina and Rybnitsa

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Rezina Municipality in partnership with the Emergency Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs

Duration: September 2014 – November 2014

Budget: 25,997 €

Short description:

  • 70 specialists (6 women and 64 men) from Chisinau and Moscow specialised institutions dismounted the damaged cross-river cable car between Rybnita and Rezina. The dismantling works were jointly performed by specialists from the Service for Civil Protection and Emergency Situations from Chisinau, Government agencies, the Russian EMERCOM service and left bank stakeholders,. The Rezina local administration took an active part in conducting the works: accommodation, food, medical care, equipment storage, etc.;
  • The industrial cable disablement between Rybnita and Rezina insures security for the population of the two localities and served as a confidence building activity between the two banks.