Study on entrepreneurship perception among youth on the left bank of the Nistru river

Sector: Business

Implemented by: CBS-AXA in cooperation with MiLab and Centre Resonance from the left bank

Budget: 22,520 EUR

Duration: October 2015 – June 2016 

Short description: to design and carry out a study among young women and men (aged 18 to 35) from the Transnistrian region, on their perceptions of entrepreneurship and come up with recommendations on promotion of a culture of entrepreneurship in the respective area.

Beneficiaries: Direct – 30 youth from both banks (16 women). Indirect – business communities, associations, analysts, researchers, entrepreneurs from both banks of Nistru river

Results: the participants gained valuable experience and knowledge about the design thinking and culture of entrepreneurship and had the opportunity to network with their colleagues and experts and establish valuable liaisons for future cooperation. The training as well as extra-training activities were conceived to assure a large communication between the youth from both banks.

  • The study was elaborated based on a public survey and in-depth interviews among youth on the left bank during March-April 2016;
  • Discussions with 4 focus groups of 8-9 participants each (4 one-day meetings in total) were organized to secure the analysis and to validate the suggested recommendations on entrepreneurship culture promotion;
  • The final report, containing recommendations delivered by CBS-AXA in June 2016 will further guidance for the implementation of business development activities.