Strengthening the cooperation between villages from both banks of Nistru River through development of rural, ecological and cultural tourism

Sector: Social

Implemented by: ANTREC-Moldova in partnership with Regional Development Association of Transnistria

Duration: December 2013 – December 2014

Budget: 71,560 €

Beneficiaries: 60 direct beneficiaries, including 33 women

  • A research study investigating and discovering historical monuments, attraction sites, and picturesque landscapes from both banks of the Nistru River (Camenca-Nemereuca to Nezavertailovka-Răscăeţi) has been carried out;
  • 60 beneficiaries (including 33 women, 55%) had their knowledge improved on how to launch a new business or to develop already existing business in eco-cultural rural tourism area during two three-day seminars. The trainees also received individual consultations on how to launch the business or to improve the household. A business guide on rural tourism was elaborated and distributed on both banks;
  • Experience sharing: during two study visits to the right bank, 30 participants, 15 from each bank, including 20 women, learned from successful examples of rural tourism service providers to be replicated in their households;
  • During a ten-day nautical expedition, a touristic rout along the Nistru river was explored;
  • Promotion: A touristic guide with a map was elaborated to promote the eco-cultural rural tourism in general and the rural tourism service providers created within the project in particular. The project results have been promoted at the international tourism exhibition TTR , Romania;
  • 23 households created new businesses in rural tourism, including 12 on the left bank. 13 businesses have been initiated by women. 9 beneficiaries diversified their services by introducing touristic package approach (e.g. handcraft masterclasses etc.);
  • Sustainability: ANTREC shared its experience with its partner ARDT NGO from the Transnistrian region which started to promote actively the concept of eco-cultural rural tourism in the region.  Besides, another NGO – Eteko – specialised in rural tourism has been created as a result of the project;
  • 60 livelihoods have been improved.