SALUTEM – Health Without Borders

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Public Association “Femeie. Speranta. Viitor” in partnership with Health Centre in Varnita, Emergency Hospital in Bender (left bank)

Budget: 23.556 USD

Duration: December 2016 – July 2018

Beneficiaries: direct – around of 310 participants of the trainings from both banks. Indirect beneficiaries -around 13000 persons from both banks.

Results: During the implementation of the project were organized:

  During the implementation of the project were organized:

  • a roundtable organized in Varnita for launching the project, with partners from both banks of the Nistru with 31 participants/ 23 women.
  • the Spring School for young volunteers  trainers organized In Chisinau  with 30 participants /17 women, from Tiraspol College of Medicine, College of Medicine Bender, Chisinau Simulation training in first aid in and Tiraspol Universities of Medicine, representatives of Varnita non governmental organizations “Miloserdie” and “Vzaimodeistvie” from the left bank and the “Åžansa” public association from VarniÅ£a. The main topic – “Algorithm of first aid”, at the end of the spring school, participants received certificates.
  • The partners have created and endowed two Information Clubs “SALUTEM”, one at Varnita and the other at Salvation Bender with the slogan Save – if you know how to react correctly”. The institutions offered rooms for the creation of clubs; the project provided with the necessary equipment for trainings.
  • Experts, trainers and volunteers of the SALTEM Clubs in Varnita and Bender in October launched the theoretical and practical Seminar Cycles on “First Aid Medical Algorithm”.
  • 3 days seminars were organized in Varnita and Bender for over 60 people from Bender Rescue Station, Bender College of Medicine and Charity Foundation “Serdze” where the participants have studied how to provide medical first aid.
  • a study visit was organized in Chisinau for the representatives of the Varniţa Health Center, Salvarea Bender and AO “Femeie. Speranță. Viitor” in order to exchange professional experience. The group members visited the Simulation Center of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Nicolae Testimitanu and the Department of Emergency Medicine, where had the opportunity to find out about the working methods of Emergency in the Republic of Moldova, about the recent emergency medicine reforms – a unique service 112.
  • The second study visit was organized in Bender for 30 medical workers from both institutions at the Bender Rescue Station.
  • the SALUTEM Club Planning Meeting was organized in VarniÅ£a, the young volunteers discussed the future plans, identified the Club Mission and plans for the future.
  • the round table of the project was held, with 50 project partners from both banks of the Nistru. The project team presented the results of the project and plans for the future.