Road safety and casualty reduction

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM) in partnership with the Automobile Club from Transnistrian Region and Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport from the United Kingdom

Duration: July 2012 – July 2013     

Budget: 59,700 €

beneficiaries: over 200 visually impaired children and their parents from Tiraspol, local community

Short description:

  • Two road safety partnerships established between NGOs and local administrations of Chisinau and Tiraspol, involving 2 in-depth analyses, public discussions and awareness raising campaigns, casualty reduction Action Plans have been developed as a result of the joint work;
  • 400 schoolchildren (152 girls) in Tiraspol, and 600 (257 girls) in Chisinau have a better understanding of risks and safe behaviours on the road;
  • 40 experts/civil society representatives/police (15 women) have better knowledge of data collection practices and evidence-based policy making directed at casualty reduction;
  • A partnership formed between the two automobile Clubs from Chisinau and Tiraspol.