Repairing the Rezina and Rybnitia Chess Schools

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Copanca Firefighting and Emergency Station

Budget: 135,451 EUR

Duration: December 2017 – April 2018

Beneficiaries: Direct – 730 pupils joining the chess clases from both banks, their parents and both schools’ coachers. Indirect: Citizens of both cities 15,000 people living in Copanca, Valea Verde, Plop Stiubei, Gradinita and Leuntea villages as well as Cremenciug, Chitcani, Merenesti and Zagorna villages administrated by Tiraspol.

Short description: To increase confidence between communities across the river by providing better services in case of fire or emergency, to people in need from both banks.

Results: Adequate conditions were created for children attending both chess schools from Rezina and Rybnita, the classes were fully refurbished: electrical grid, doors, windows, floor, heating system network, and ventilation were totally replaced. Sanitary groups were replaced and now correspond to modern standards. Façade was renovated at the Rybnita chess school. Lightning system was installed in-line with modern standards and according to the needs of a chess class. A wheelchair ramp was built for people with disabilities and sanitary utilities have been improved in both Chess Schools.The club was endowed with furniture: chess tables, chairs, wardrobe, as well as sports equipment: chess boards, chess pieces, chess demonstration (teaching) boards, books, chess clocks.

Achievements to be emphasized:

-Yearly over 700 children from both towns attend both chess schools and are preparing for chess events. Kids and young people from both banks participate in regularly organized common chess events;

-Children and teachers got access to improved and adequate conditions;

-The refurbished premises address the needs of across the river communities for social activities.