Renovation of the Sports Complex facility in Serpeni village (Anenii Noi district)

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Local public authority of Serpeni district

Budget: 180,164 EUR

Duration: January 2016 – September 2017

Beneficiaries: 469 (pupils, parents and staff: 260 women and 209 men)

Short description: To develop sports and culture infrastructure in the Serpeni village, thus creating conditions for cross-river collaboration and joints sports events and competitions..

Results: Construction works started in mid-December 2016. Performed works included reinforcement of roof beams and bearing walls, renovation of the sports hall. The roof of the building has been built, the façade and exterior finishing works have completed for the entire building. Inner yard of the school was paved. All electrical and heating networks were built from scratch. The sports hall was connected to hot water sources and shower facilities have been installed. New windows and doors were installed on the entire edifice.

 Achievements to be emphasized:

-A modern area for leisure and sports activities in the village;

-Improved conditions for the organization of joint sports competitions and events;

-Overall increased attractiveness of the local community;