Renovation of the Community centre in Corjova village (Criuleni district)

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Renovation of the Community

Budget: 175,260 EUR

Duration: October 2016 – May 2017

Short description: To renovate Community Centre that hosts socio-cultural and artistic events, to strengthen the cooperation between both banks of the Nistru river (Criuleni on one side and Dubasari and Grigoriopol on the other side)

Beneficiaries:  2,567 (village population: 1,335 women and 1,232 men)

Results: Works performed so far include construction of an annex to the community centre and construction of a boiler house and its equipment with boilers. The roof was renovated, and reinforcement works for the entire roofing cast were performed. Interior works have been conducted. The building façade has been renovated, the electricity network was replaced, and indoor restrooms have been constructed or refurbished when it was the case. Access to the building was ensured – new pavement installed around the facility. The mini-football field was also asphalted. Project-related works have been completed end of 2017.

Achievements to be emphasized:

-A rehabilitated and modernized community centre available for all village inhabitants;

-Adequate rehearsal and performance conditions for the village folk dance and music groups;

-Given that the centre is the only one in the region with such a capacity it will serve as a host for cultural activities attended by representatives from regional communities from both banks of the Nistru river;