Renovation of the centre for victims of human trafficking in Tiraspol town (TN Region)

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Renovation of the centre for victims

Budget: 197,640 EUR

Duration: January 2016 -September 2017

Short description: To renovate a part of a building formerly used as a children hospital and adapt it to accommodate the Centre for Victims of Human Trafficking; establish specialized psychological, social and legal counselling services for the beneficiaries of the centre and take over relevant expertise from similar organizations from the right bank.

Beneficiaries: 129 (120 persons assisted during the year and 9 staff: 67 women and 62 men)

Results: A design company was selected through a public tender. The technical design documentation and bill of quantities were developed and was approved by relevant local institutions. Based on developed documentation an open competition the project was approved for financing and an MOU was signed with the local partners. The required technical expertise and relevant technical estimates were performed allowing a smooth implementation process for the project. A construction company has been selected through an open competition to run the works. The roof and facade were renovated, and all external networks were completed. The premises were fully refurbished with a broad range of internal works performed like the replacement of the floor, doors, windows, electrical, water supply, sewerage and heating systems. The bedrooms, toilets and bathroom were fully repaired, furnished and equipped, in-line with the safety, sanitary norms and standards (the procedure and testing facilities). After long negotiations with the local authorities and public service providers from the left bank a new segment of electrical line was constructed allowing to interconnect the refurbished building to the electrical grid. 

Achievements to be emphasized:

-A functional shelter for victims of domestic violence or human trafficking – first of this kind on the left bank;

-Adequate conditions are offered to the victims with the support trained personnel, allowing for legal and psychological assistance to be provided to the final beneficiaries;

-Opportunities for transfer of expertise and know-how in the field from similar organizations on the right bank;