Renovation of School nr. 2 in Chitcani village (left bank)

Sector: Social

Implemented by: SCBM project

Budget: 130,935 EUR

Duration: January 2016- October 2016

Beneficiaries: 1,023 (420 pupils+550 parents+53 staff, 544 women and 479 men)

Short description: enhancing cross-river collaboration through the creation of better education conditions within school nr.2 from Chitscani.

Results: Performed works included replacement of the roof for three units of the facility. The heating network was replaced in the main unit of the school. General renovation of the block, which hosts the school cafeteria and full equipment of the lunchroom. The entire roof has been equipped with rainwater collection and drainage systems to eliminate leakages and flooding in the school.

Achievements to be emphasized:

-Adequate learning conditions for pupils attending the institution (including the staff);

-Overall better energy efficiency leading to institutional budget savings;

-Improved standards for educational processes that attracts more pupils;