Quality services for children with autism on both banks of the river Nistru

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Public Association Intelegem Autismul in partnership with NGO OSORT (left bank)

Budget: 15.977 USD

Duration: December 2016 -November 2018

Beneficiaries: direct -20 trained participants from both banks.  Indirect beneficiaries – 2450 persons informed, consulted on the raising children with autism.

Results: The main goal of this project was to improve the quality of services provided for in early complex assistance for children aged 2-8 y.o. in the autism specter and to their families on both banks of the river Nistru.

During the implementation of the project were organized:

  • In the framework of the project 12 consultations for specialists and parents of children with ASD and 7 individual consultations for children were held. Each event and action has its own characteristics, subordinated to the main idea of the project: to help specialists, families raising children with autism to find points of contact, to establish contacts, to improve mutual understanding in order to improve the quality of life of families raising children with autism on both banks of the Nistru;
  • A round table on Early complex intervention – a pledge of successful rehabilitation of children with EAS has been hosted for 28 participants/25 women from both banks;
  • On April 2, 2018 in Tiraspol, Chisinau, Ribnita and Balti were organized the action devoted to the world day of distribution of the information on autism. As a result 37 participants/all women distributed about 2000 leaflets and 400 flags with autism symbols
  • The training seminar and practical training delivered for 10 specialists/ all women on ABA method and basic principles of ABA therapy;
  • The online Webinar hosted for 16 parents of children with autism/14 women. Seminar included 17 topics, after each topic parents had the possibility to ask questions and shared their experiences;
  • The seminar-training Live game and ABA: not a myth, but a beautiful reality delivered for more than 50 participants;