Provision of business support and development services in Moldova and its Transnistrian region: Study Visits

Sector: Business

Implemented by: Chamber of Commerce and Industry in partnership with Intereconom Service, Rybnita, Transnistrian region

Duration: July 2012 – April 2013

Budget: 106,300 €

Beneficiaries: 60 participants of study visits, including11 women

Results: 60 SMEs, 31 TN region

  • 60 entrepreneurs (29 from the right bank and 31 from the Transnistrian region, 11 women) have now improved skills and understanding of more effective business methods in the fields of agriculture, rural tourism, food and wine industry, construction, technologies, energy efficiency and renewable energy as a result of 3 study visits to Poland, Austria and Germany;
  • 52 partnerships negotiated as a result (including transfer of equipment, contracts), at least 15 cross-river business partnerships formed;
  • A multitude of cross-river business exchanges took place in 2013, including 23 meetings and round-tables discussing cooperation opportunities, issues related to trade with the EU, exchanges of best practices, etc., 10 business matchmaking sessions held during the study trips, 25 field visits, 180 individual B2B meetings, 25 sector-based meetings between companies on both banks and EU counterparts;
  • Sustainability: The Moldovan Chamber of Commerce has, as a result, an increased number of members from Transnistrian region; it is further using on permanent basis the methods acquired during the implementation of this project in matchmaking.