Participation of women from rural areas of both banks of the Nistru River in their communities’ public life

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Centre CONTACT in partnership with the Independent Institute of Law and Civil Society from Tiraspol and Gospoja from Tiraspol

Duration: April 2013 – April 2014

Budget: 36,983 €

Short description: 33 women from both banks improved their community organization skills during 3 trainings on project management, community mobilization, women’s leadership and participation in the decisions making process;

  • 10 women from Transnistrian rural communities acquired hands-on experience during one week internship programme at reputable NGOs from the right bank;
  • 9 small scale joint projects of up to $1000 each were implemented aiming to solve community problems in the security zone and the Transnistrian region in the social field, community education, health, culture, sports, environment, access to information, etc.;
  • One analytical report on the situation of women and their participation in rural communities on both banks was developed and publicly presented on both banks. A film about the participation of women from rural areas and the small scale projects results on both banks was made.