Overall renovation of the Rascov village Community Centre (left bank)

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Overall renovation of the Rascov village

Budget: 223,360 EUR

Duration: January 2016 – February 2017

Short description: To improve conditions for socio-cultural activities in the community while promoting cross-river cooperation through joint cultural events

Beneficiaries: 2,097 (village population: 1,085 women and 795 men)

Results: At the stage of project approval Rascov Community Centre was not operational due to multiple technical problems. Based on open competition the project was approved for financing and an MOU was signed with the local partners. The required technical expertise and relevant technical estimates were performed allowing a smooth implementation process for the project. A construction company has been selected through an open competition to run the works. The roof and façade were renovated, and all external networks were completed, as well as the majority of internal works like the replacement of the floor, replacement of doors and windows, replacement of electrical, water supply, sewerage and heating systems. In addition, the chairs from the grand concert hall have been replaced. Final interior works have been finished.

Achievements to be emphasized:

 -Over 2,000 people from both banks, especially from Rascov and neighbour villages benefit from a modern Community Centre with a total capacity of 600 places;

-Over 20 temporary and 2 permanent jobs were created;

-Due to improved conditions the Community Centre is now used as a platform for joint activities that aim to strengthen cross-river cooperation and increase confidence among them;

-The reconstruction of the Community Centre makes the community more attractive from the social, economic, touristic points of view.