NO barriers

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Mir Ravnih Vozmojnostei NGO in partnership with Motivatia NGO, Chisinau, Inspection on constructions from Chisinau and Bender, Educational Authorities from Chisinau and Bender, Health Authorities from Chisinau and Bender, Social Protection and Labour Authorities from Chisinau and Bender, Municipal institutions Architecture and Urbanism, Chisinau and Bender, Local administration from Chisinau, Comrat, Tiraspol and Bender.

Duration: November 2014 – February 2015

Budget: 43,030 €

Short description: Following a social pool conducted among 250 people with disabilities (100 men and 150 women) in Chisinau, Tiraspol, Bender, and Comrat, 20 social institutions were selected to benefit from accessibility ramps mounting as the first step in the implementation of accessibility reform on both banks;

  • Technical designs for the 20 accessibility ramps construction were elaborated by students from Architecture and Urbanism faculties from Chisinau and Bender, as well as  by professional engineers;
  • 20 accessibility ramps have been installed in social, medical, cultural, educational institutions, involving construction companies and individual specialists;
  • An accessibility guide has been elaborated for both banks setting the main technical rules for accessibility ramps construction. A media campaign was conducted on both banks of the river (billboards, leaflets, press releases on social networks on TV and on-line media, etc. ) to raise awareness on the public on accessibility issues;
  • A group of 10 young people with disabilities (6 women and 4 men)  from Edineț, Comrat, Hâncești, Bender, Tiraspol and Chișinău have been formed as accessibility experts to further advocate an accessible environment for people with disabilities and with limited mobility on both banks of the river;
  • An on-line accessibility map has been designed for, including the Transnistrian region, marking locations accessible for people with physical disabilities.