Network of Day Care Centers for Children and Youth with Disabilities

Sector: Health

Implemented by: NGO Hilfswerk Austria în Moldova

Partners: Day Care Centre for children with disabilities in Dubasari

Duration: August 2009 – February 2011

Budget: 99,938 EUR

Status: Concluded

Objectives: -Optimizing the work of rehabilitation centers through training, facilitation of the exchange of experience, and creation of a network of rehabilitation centers on both sides of the Nistru River.

– Developing a complex rehabilitation system for children anв youth with disability by applying individually aligned and innovative methods of rehabilitation. – Raising awareness among population on the importance of social integration of children and youth with limited abilities.

Beneficiaries: Children with disabilities from 5 to 18 years old (cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, epilepsy, heart diseases, down syndrome, etc.); families with children with limited abilities.

Results: 16 workshops and seminars regarding social psychological rehabilitation of children and youth with special educational needs (SEN).

8 organizational development and strategic planning workshops.

Methodological guidebooks elaborated.

Approximately 130 workers from the rehabilitation centres were trained within this component

11 events targeted towards improvement of individual rehabilitation and education plans for children and youth.

112 children with disabilities and their families from Dubasari, Rybnitza, Bender, Tiraspol and Rezina participated at the Talents’ Festival organized in Dubasari. The festival aimed at promoting tolerance and respect towards children and youth with special needs and public awareness rising regarding their main problems; Festival included an art exhibition “My world”, a photo exhibition “We live for you” as well as a concert delivered by children.

18 children and 10 family members participated at the 3-days summer theatre “World of Joy” organized in Dubasari. Activities included the team building, leader skills development etc, as well as cultural and recreation activities for children with disabilities and their families. The participants had also the opportunity to discuss the problems they face, as stigma, discrimination, socialization, education, health issues and legislation related to their protection.

Approx. 80 children and youth were consulted on leadership, time management and as a result have increased their individual capacities.

63 individual education and rehabilitation plans for children with special needs elaborated and/or adjusted in compliance with new approach and therapy.

Thematic seminars on kinetotherapy and multifunctional rehabilitation held among network members, master classes organized and successfully conducted;

Mobile diagnostic group of specialists in TN formed and trained.

Important medical diagnostic equipment METATRON purchased.