Modernization of the regional Community Centre from Slobozia-Dusca village (Criuleni district)

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Modernization of the regional Community Centre

Budget: 178,560 EUR

Duration: January 2016- May 2016

Beneficiaries: 3,200 (village population: 1,672 women and 1,528 men)

Short description: Promote and consolidate confidence, cultural and spiritual values, national traditions, by creating optimal conditions for joint cultural event and artistic activities in the nearby localities: Slobozia-Dusca, Criuleni and the villages Harmatca and Tibuleuca, Rascov, Nezavertailovca and Corotna from the Transnistrian region. To offer high quality services, diversified cultural activities and opportunities for cross-river collaboration to citizens.

Results: Performed works included total replacement of the roof, thermal insulation and total renovation of the building façade. The entrance to the community centre was renovated and is now being used as a stage for certain events (has a proper roof cover and stairs). Indoor restrooms were provided. The edifice was connected to water and sewerage systems. Repair works were performed in the grand concert hall, small concert hall and the rooms used for rehearsal and art activity. The entire stage lighting system from the grand concert hall was renewed. The mayoralty contributed by equipping the grand concert hall with chairs and by landscaping the surrounding territory.

Achievements to be emphasized:

-Improved conditions for the organization of cultural and social events and activities;

-The local cultural heritage is preserved;

-Access ensured to modern and high-quality cultural facilities at the local level;