Measures to provide business education and staff development of business structures to enhance business activities in the Transnistria region

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tiraspol

Budget: 134,908 EUR

Duration: July 2016- December 2017

Short description: Further development of business education in the Transnistria region, to create and develop new businesses, restraining the migration of young people, increasing economic activity and reducing the negative processes in the economy.

Beneficiaries: Direct – 134 participants to courses and round tables. Indirect – companies and organizations from the left bank

Results: While implementing the project activities, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Tiraspol has cooperated with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Chisinau to organize events and study visits. All these has contributed to the enhancement of cooperation and maintenance of a good partnership, with good premises for a future long-term coopertaion.

  • 118 beneficiaries from the left bank (67 women) have improved skills on: brand development and management, control of entrepreneurship activity, internet trade as a new method of business development, methods of project management, basics of creating own business and peculiarities of national cuisine.
  • Organized the Forum for Small Business – Leader 2016;
  • Organized a business visit of participants of the course Advanced Training of Managers in Vienna (Austria).