Journalists from both banks of Nistru River for Democracy and Cooperation

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Media Centre Association in partnership with Association of Independent Press, Chisinau; the Estonian Press Council

Duration: May 2014 – February 2015  

Short description: 20 journalists (3 men) from both banks have been trained in investigative journalism by professional media experts from the right bank. As a result of the trainings, 16 journalists improved their professional skills, established relationships with colleagues from other regions of Moldova and are taking active part in cross-river media projects;

Budget: 34,940 €

  • 38 media materials on socio-economic topics with elements of investigative journalism were produced by 9 joint teams of journalists and were published in media on both banks. Access to information provided to people on both banks has increased and common problems were revealed, thus contributing to confidence building between the two banks and eliminating prejudices and misconceptions towards each other;
  • 8 journalists, finalists of the 1st stage media contest participated in a 4-day research visit to Estonia where they got acquainted with the successful experience of foreign colleagues in investigative journalism and apply them in practice. Other 8 journalists, finalists of the 2nd stage media contest, received modern equipment to better perform in their daily activity;
  • A close out round table was organized with 25 investigative journalists (5 men) form both banks, and jointly came up with solutions to promote CBM in the media field. Further plans have been set up for the project continuity, NED is currently financially supporting investigative journalism in the Transnistrian region.