Informational Legal Centre from Tiraspol in partnership with Step Forward NGO, from Tiraspol and Family Planning Association from Chisinau

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Information center in human rights (CIDO) from Chisinau in partnership with Choice of Youth and Resonance NGOs from Tiraspol

Duration: September 2012 – September 2013

Budget: 18,750 €

Short description:

  • More than 200 single parents have better access to psycho-social and medical support services, legal consultations and an improved understanding of their options; these services have been developed based on models/methodology provided by the right-bank partner;
  • The topic of single-parent families , as well as an improved public’s acceptance of NGOs as high quality service providers, have been achieved due to a vast awareness campaign: a blog, 3 public debates, journalism trainings, 60 human stories distributed in press, 1500 leaflets, photo exhibition .