Information Resource Center for Culture Establishment

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Public Association Centrul de ”Asistenta si Interventii Comunitare” in partnership with House of Culture and Village Council of Dorotcoie village and House of Culture of Chitcani village from the left bank

Budget: 15,062 USD

Duration: December 2016 – October 2018

Beneficiaries: direct – 191 participants from both communities, including 162 women. Indirect beneficiaries – local communities, population from both banks of Nistru river  

Results: The first stage of the project was dedicated to the formation of a base of potential participants for club meetings and visits. With support of the Platform of Culture was collected contacts of all cultural managers, representatives of non-profit organizations and initiative groups.

The project team prepared interactive survey tools for potential participants, designed questionnaires in accordance with the requirements for logo placement;

During the implementation of the project were organized:

  • 3 Clubs of cultural and leisure activities, with more than 90 participants from both banks, ncluding 70 women. Within the framework of each Club the regular meetings took place.
  • Subjects of club meetings addressed important issues of cultural activity, including issues of legal literacy of cultural managers. Each meeting provoked extensive discussions and pushed representatives of cultural institutions, public organizations and local authorities to work together.

Main themes of Club discussion:

  • Writing projects / participation in grant programs of the cultural sector
  • New ideas and formats of events organized by cultural institutions
  • Legal support of the Culture development in a market economy
  • 2 internal study visits organized in Palanca and Manuc-Bei museum, Hincesti
  • During the external study visit in Iasi, Romania, 22 participants/19 women get acquainted with modern  museum institutions management and best practices in informing the public, organizing exhibits, creating new format of events, cooperating between cultural institutions, actions aimed at consolidating the community and increasing interest in history and culture.
  • 1 conference on Socio-cultural trends on both banks of the Nistru organized in Chisinau with 21 participants/15 women.