Improving the lives of rural women from both banks of Nistru River as a way of confidence building

Sector: Social

Implemented by: The International Centre for Advancement of Women in Business in partnership with the Association of Business Women from Criuleni and the Women’s Initiatives NGO from Tiraspol.

Duration: November 2013 – November 2014

Budget: 26,846 €

Short description: 60 women were selected on a competitive base (30 from each bank of the Nistru) attended a 60-hour training on issues of self-confidence, employability, small business opening, taxation, modern sales techniques;

  • 55 women participated in 3 study tours to visit successful businesses in Criuleni, Tiraspol and Dubasari;
  • 26 women have been employed at various enterprises from both banks of the river. Other 14 women opened their own businesses (sanitary services, hairdressing, photography and video services, agriculture, fruits conservation, baking, etc.);
  • 18 successful women stories were promoted on social networks and media on both banks;
  • 2 round tables and a closing conference gathered 89 women and men who shared their success stories and raised awareness on the importance of improving the life quality at the local level, establishing cooperation and creating business contacts between the two banks;
  • A network of 14 women entrepreneurs from Dubasari, Criuleni, and Slobozia has been established through a Memorandum of Understanding signed between civil society, private sector, and LPAs on both banks;
  • 5 partnership contracts were signed between NGOs from both banks of the Nistru river to support women entrepreneurship, share information, and participate in joint activities on women empowerment.