Improvement of pro-environment transportation capacities in Corjova village, Dubasari district

Sector: Environment

Implemented by: Local administration and community committee

Duration: May 2010 – November 2011

Budget: 30,125.71 EURO

Status: Project activities concluded. Final report submitted on 04 July 2011. The report was positively evaluated and approved. Project Delivery 100 %

Short description: The population of the village is 2,589 persons. There are 70 streets with the total length of 47 km under the supervision of the local administration that require maintenance. During winter, maintenance of the roads in good condition is rather difficult as specialized equipment is needed. The situation is similar in adjacent villages that are located on the plateau and facing a very special development context. The overall goal was to provide support in procurement of necessary technical equipment for maintaining of the roads.

Beneficiaries: 10,000 residents of Corjova and adjacent villages, including Molovata Noua and Cocieri

Results: In March 2010, the local administration and the Implementation Committee prepared a full package of documents for the launch of the public tender. 3 bidders took part in a public tender on the Universal Commodity Exchange of Moldova. The winning company – S.R.L. “Auto-PRESENT” presented the best offer, namely “Excavator Amcodor702 EB-02 (ЭО-2621)” for MDL 507 thousandThe project offered support to the local administration and the implementation committee in registering the transport vehicle, insuring it and carrying out the necessary technical maintenance procedures. This vehicle is currently used for the needs of Corjova and adjacent villages, resolving issues that earlier represented serious issues to village inhabitants: cleaning of the roads during winter, as well as other technical services offered to the citizens.