Improving the teaching program on children’s rights within the Day Centers for youth and children in Transnistria

Sector: Social

Implemented by: PA „INTECO”; partner: Caritas

Duration: December 2010 – June 2011.

Budget: USD 25,820

Partners: “Alyie Parusa” NGO in Dubasari; “Dobroe serdtse” NGO in Bender; children with disabilities in TN region and Moldova and their parents

Status: Concluded. Delivery – 100%. The project was finalized, reports being submitted and approved as of August 2011. All activities were carried out in accordance with the project document and initial work plan. The project was assessed positively against the initially foreseen results, as well as the grantee’s strong capacity to implement projects/grants

Short description: To promote children’s rights in Transnistrian region in a child-friendly manner; Strenghten the capacities of 5 Day Centres for children and youth at risk by training 15 educators in teaching children’s rights in a child-friendly metod, and endowing the Centres with necessary instruments and materials for teaching and promoting children’s rights; Increase the level of knowledge of about 120 children at risk from the region about their rights; Increase the public awareness in the region on the importance of knowing and promoting children’s rights.

Beneficiaries: 120 children and 15 educators from Transnistrian region;children andyoung people at risk, beneficiaries of five Day Centres from the Transnistrian region.


  • 5 Day Centres for children at risk from Transnistrian region equipped with a set of materials each, necessary for child-friendly teaching of children rights (100 copies of the CRC (friendly version), 10 copies of the adapted Educator’s Guide, 20 copies of the instructive film “Know Your Rights” translated into Russian, the “magic box” – a set of toys and other objects designed for teaching by playing);
  • 15 educators from five Centers for Children at risk of Transnistria with improved knowledge and skills in applying the child-friendly methods to promote CR;
  • 120 children from Transnistria aware of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and methods to revindicate their rights;
  • 120 children promoting children’s rights through 5 photo exhibitions and 5 exhibitions of drawings organized within the 5 Day Centres from Transnistrian region participating in the project – Tiraspol, Bender, Ribnita, Rascov, Sloboda Rascov.
  • Increased awareness of the importance of knowing children’s rights in the Transnistrian region, through articles in media; distribution of 1000 flags with CRC articles and 600 thematic flyers, and the permanent photo exhibition in the public garden „Stefan cel Mare” in Chisinau.