Grants competition for evidence-based analytical papers on sustainable development

Sector: Social

Implemented by: UNDP Moldova

Budget: 17,973 EUR

Duration: September 2016 – February 2017 

Beneficiaries: IPP (NGO) and an expert from T. Shevchenko University; Ecostrategii and Society for Bulgarian Culture Rodoliubec; Independent Institute of law and civil society (NGO) and an expert from the State University of Moldova; IDIS Viitorul and European Agency for Economic Research, Reconstruction and Development, Tiraspol

Short description: Develop clear analytical reports, through the use of relevant data and available disaggregation, which describe the current status in the proposed SDG thematic areas .

Results: 4 NGOs from both banks have developed evidence-based analytical papers on sustainable development, covering the following topics: [1]  Evaluation of infrastructure of educational institutions with equal access to education (SDG9), [2] Eroded soils’ improvement in the wetland area of the Nistru river for organic farming and poverty reduction (SDG1), [3] Evaluation of the potential for sustainable development of small towns of Nistru valley (SDG11), [4] A comparative overview on labour market inequalities: key trends and perspectives (SDG8).The 4 papers will include: situational analysis, findings and recommendations on improvement measures, gaps in data/evidence availability.