Feasibility study on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) development in the Transnistrian region of Moldova

Sector: Business

Implemented by: “Addvances” research company (Iasi, Romania), in partnership with sociological research company Noviy Vek (New Age) from Transnistria

Partners: Sociological research company “New Age” – a local implementing partner NGO.

Duration: June2010 – March 2011

Budget: 225,000 EUR

Status: Project activities concluded. Final report submitted on 04 July 2011. The report was positively evaluated and approved. Project Delivery 100 %

Objectives: The analysis of Transnistria’s SMEs environment, scope and areas of their activity; including a review of operational rules, regulatory framework, stakeholder analysis have been completed. Key constraints have been identified that prevent SMEs growth. The study on the feasibility of establishing a business incubator in TN region came out with specific technical and operational recommendations. Areas and types of economic activities that can be promoted in a non-political manner through cross-river partnerships have been identified. Specific areas/sectors where business incubator is being mostly needed have been researched.

Beneficiaries: Transnistria’s small and middle businesses, managers of existing businesses, analysts, researchers, practitioners


The first part of the report analyses Transnistria’s SMEs environment, while the second part is based on the results of the market analysis (business environment) and provides practical recommendations for establishing a business incubator in Transnistria.

The study concludes by mentioning that among the key problems that businesses face are prohibitive the imperfect legislative framework, lack of business support infrastructure, lack of information about potential partners and lack of reliable business education to acquire new skills and knowledge. It also mentions that lack of micro-finance funds and lack of access to cheap loans impedes the