Establishing a cross river specialised platform on educational and sports thematic, which aims to harness the confidence building potential of implemented infrastructural projects and enhance the cross-river collaboration between beneficiary communities

Sector: Social

Implemented by: NGO Educational Centre Pro Didactica in partnership with NGO Contact and Centre of Innovative Educational and Social Programmes from the left bank

Budget: 153,045 USD

Duration: December 2016 – November 2018

Beneficiaries: direct-696 participants and members of thematic platform. Indirect beneficiaries- communities, SGP from both banks of Nistru river, experts, schools and kindergarten representatives


  • Assessed needs of both banks organizations in the field of education and sports, as a result it was concluded that the inclusive and non-formal education are two of emerging areas to be developed on the next stage;
  • Developed and shared among its members a Guide on the implementation of innovations in education and sports on both banks of the Nistru river (Annex 6). The Guide is being used by the managers of educational institutions from both riverbanks in their daily work.
  • Workshops and trainings organized on topics like Interactive methods for team work or Development of leadership skills, in Chisinau and Tiraspol;
  • Organized a study visit to Evrica Lyceum from Ribnita (localized on the left bank and administrated by Chisinau) to learn best practices of cooperation between educational institutions from both banks;
  • A study visit organized to Finland to get acquainted with the Finnish educational system and to facilitate an exchange of experience between educational actors from both banks; As a result, were encouraged the twinning of schools with other institutions from Romania in order to implement the partnership principles known in Finland;
  • Visits across the river at the school from Butor (left bank) and Avdarma villages (right bank), organized for the platform members to learn the best practices and exchange their experience in guiding children from the rural area to socialize and be involved in joint activities;
  • Launched a round table to present the results and perspectives of the Education and Sports platform;
  • Drafted and published a brochure describing the project targets and achieved results by the cooperation platform and their members;
  • Visit organized to Bulgaria to learn from the European practices on inclusive education and sports activities for kids with disabilities, as well as to visit modern sports facilities where new education methodologies are implemented;
  • Thematic workshop organized to identify the Future perspectives to develop the private education sector with focus on the left bank education system;
  • Launched the Summer School aiming at supporting participants to implement innovative approaches to improve the Educational system from both banks;
  • Organized the workshop of experts to discuss issues faced by non-formal education.