Establishing a cross river specialised platform on culture thematic, which aims to harness the confidence building potential of implemented infrastructural projects and enhance the cross-river collaboration between beneficiary communities

Sector: Social

Implemented by: NGO ICOM MOLDOVA, in partnership with NGO Paragon from the left bank

Budget: 104,621 USD

Duration: December 2016 – November 2018

Beneficiaries: direct -429 members of thematic platform. Indirect  beneficiaries -around 65000 (local public authorities and local public institutions- beneficiaries of previous SCBM projects),cultural institutions and NGOs,experts,visitors which attended cultural events from both bank of Nistru river.


  • Provided trainings on the promotion of sustainable development of the cultural institutions, to identify new opportunities for cross-river cooperation;
  • The thematic needs of community development from both banks of the river were assessed for the first time.
  • There were concluded 8 partnerships between cultural institutions of both banks of the Nistru River.
  • More than 120 representatives from various cultural fields participated in joint events.
  • Four internal exchange visits were organized on both banks. Platform team conducted survey for every visit and proposed suitable theme for choice of community and gave practical advices.
  • Four trainings were held. Organized master classes, creative workshops, film screenings, exhibitions.
  • One study visit abroad to Cyprus to improve the expertise for the management and staff of cultural institutions, when solving the local communities emerging needs. There were drafted and submitted 8 joint projects for the small-grants program and more than 50 ideas for future CBM projects collected.
  • Platform team helped Platform participants on every stage of creating partnerships.
  • More than 80 interviews conducted joint report on culture of both banks created.
  • Joint development of methodology for needs assessment and development of strategic and operational planning of the cultural sector.
  • Communication strategy with members and attraction of new cultural managers, NGO activists
  • Forming pull of 14 high qualified experts from both banks of river Dniester
  • Analysis (qualitative research) of the needs of the cultural sector in 4 main areas
  • Development of a joint action plan for 4 main thematic areas of culture and 4 policy proposals for each direction.
  • Organization and financial support of the music jazz festival in Bender Fortress
  • Monitoring of the projects, that received support during Small grants program