Enhancing capacities of general education through the reconstruction of Vadul-Rascov village’s lyceum, Soldanesti District

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Vadul-Rascov local administration, local implementation committee

Duration: August 2012 – August 2013

Budget: 84,700 EUR

Short description: Partial reconstruction of the Vadul-Rascov lyceum: replacement of roof, doors and windows, internal and external works etc. In addition to this, the UNDP “Energy and Biomass” project has installed a heating boiler within this lyceum.

Beneficiaries: over 350 students from Vadul-Rascov and four nearby villages in the security zone, local community

Results: The project team helped to establish the local implementation committee, negotiated and signed the Grant Agreement with the Vadul-Rascov local administration. All technical estimates were carried out, a construction company was selected through a public tender to run the works. The replacement of windows and doors was finished, partial reconstruction of roof and some internal works were carried out. The rehabilitation of the premises was completed in August 2013.