Enhancing capacities of general education through the reconstruction of Sanatauca village’s lyceum, Floresti District

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Floresti district Council and local implementation committee

Duration: April 2013 – December 2013

Budget: 92,300 EUR

Short description: Because of very old and jaded windows and doors the temperature inside the building was very low in winter period of time.  Additionally the school cometary was in very bad technical condition and required renovation. Take into consideration these particular problems and considering the fact that this school attended by students from TN region, it was taken the decision to support the reconstruction of the lyceum building. 

Beneficiaries: 328 students from Sanatauca, Napadova, Jabca, Bursuc and 32 students from Camenca (TN region)

Results: The project team has helped to establish the local implementation committee, negotiated and signed the Grant Agreement with the Floresti District  administration. All technical estimates has been carried out, a construction company has been selected through a public tender to run the works. The replacement of windows and doors was carried out. General renovation of school cafeteria was also done. The rehabilitation of the premises was completed in December 2013 and presently the school building is fully-operational.