Enhancing capacities for pre-school education in the city of Tiraspol through reconstruction of the kindergarten nr.44 for visually impaired children

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Rybnita hospital administration, local implementation committee 

Duration: October 2013 – October 2014           

Budget: 92,300 EUR

beneficiaries: over 500 mothers and their children annually from Rybnita and adjacent communities from TN region, local authorities

Short description: Reconstruction and equipping of Maternity/Intensive care unit. Contribute to experience exchange between Rezina and Rybnita health institutions as a strong confidence building element.

Results: The project team helped to establish the local implementation committee, negotiated and signed the Grant Agreement with the local community. All technical estimates were carried out. The reconstruction activities were initiated in February 2014 and were completed in June 2014. Along with the reconstruction the SCBM Programme provided support in terms of medical equipment and furniture. The provided support significantly improved the treatment conditions thus contributing to reducing maternal and child mortality.