Enhancing capacities for pre-school education in Slobozia-Dusca village, Criuleni District

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Slobozia-Dusca administration, local implementation committee 

Duration: August 2012 – July 2013

Budget: 98,156 EUR

beneficiaries: over 210 children and their parents from Slobozia-Dusca village, local community, adjacent communities, local authorities

Short description: Capital repair of block B and the Festivity Hall of the kindergarten from Slobozia-Dusca village. The kindergarten hosts 127 children from different social groups, but additional 60 children are hosted after the reconstruction. Also 3 new jobs were created.

Results: The project team helped to establish the local implementation committee, negotiated and signed the Grant Agreement with the local community. Technical estimates were carried out and a construction company was selected through a public tender to run the works. As a result, reconstruction of floor, some internal works, replacement of doors and windows, replacement of electrical system, replacement of water supply and sewerage system were done. Additionally, some landscape improvement works were carried out. Reconstruction works were completed in July 2013. The reconstruction of block B allows for additional 60 children from the village of Slobozia Dusca to be enrolled in pre-school education in improved conditions. In addition, the implementation of this project allows stopping outflow of young families and creates favourable conditions for life and work of the village inhabitants. These improvements also contribute to mobilization of local population in terms of socioeconomic development of the village. Thus, over 10 young mothers obtained the opportunity for economical inclusion.