Exchange of positive experience between Moldova and Transnistrian region on solving common social problems through a series of TV programs

Sector: Social

Implemented by: „Moldova Мodernă” Foundation

Duration: January 2011 – November 2011.

Budget: USD 65,387

Partners: NGO “Centre for the Development of the Independent Television”

Status: Concluded. Project delivery – 78%.

Short description:

– Promoting the confidence building measures through a series of TV programs, produced jointly by the journalists and with the participation of experts / invitees from the both banks of the Nistru River;

 – Creating an internet based dialogue platform for media representatives, experts in the area, as well as for all interested persons on subjects of common interest for both sides.

Results: As of November 2011, the grantee have produced 4 TV programs of the cycle “TerriторияДоверия” (Territory of Trust), and a short promo program (15”), aiming at promoting the project’s products, but also the CBM Project itself.The agreement to broadcast the TV programs produced within the project was reached with the Public Company “Moldova-1”, that agreed to broadcast all 4 TV programs across the whole territory of Moldova.