Enhancing capacities for pre-school education in Copanca village, Causeni District

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Copanca local administration and local implementation committee 

Duration: November 2013 – December 2014

Budget: 92,300 EUR

Short description: The village of Copanca is located on the right bank of the Nistru River.  The population of the village is 5,583 persons, including women 2,801, 2,112 men and 910 children. The kindergarten “Izvoras” was built at the beginning of 1980 and only sporadic repairs were made. The main deficiency of the kindergarten was related to the functionality of the core building (which involves kitchen, festivities hall and administration) that because of very deplorable technical conditions endangered the proper functioning of the entire kindergarten. The administration and the Implementation Committee submitted a project proposal to carry out reconstruction of the administrative building of the kindergarten to provide children of Copanca and adjacent communities with better conditions for pre-school education.The local implementation committee determined this issue as a major developmental problem for the village, preventing the integration of population into professional activities and denying the children of the village from accessing qualitative pre-school education services.

Beneficiaries: over 500 children and their parent from Copanca and Cremenciug

Results: With the support of SCBM team the technical design documentation was elaborated. A specialised company was selected through an open competition to undertake the reconstruction works. Full replacement of windows and doors, reconstruction of the roof, as well as necessary internal repairs and improvements were conducted. Additionally, the kindergarten sewerage system was reconstructed. It is also important to mention that the LPA actively supported the reconstruction process, covering around 20% of the entire project reconstruction budget. Currently the project is fully-operational.