Enhancing capacities for pre-school education in Cocieri village, Dubasari District

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Cocieri administration, local implementation committee 

Duration: August 2014 – July 2014

Budget: 95,200 EUR

beneficiaries: over 500 children and their parent from Cocieri, Corjova, Roghi and Vasilievca, villages, local community, adjacent communities, local authorities

Short description: The village of Cocieri is located on the left bank of the Nistru River. The population of the village is 4,496 persons, including 225 children of pre-school age. The kindergarten “Garofita” was built in 1989 and no capital repairs were ever made.  Two out of three buildings of the kindergarten were closed due to the deplorable technical conditions. The administration and the Implementation Committee submitted a project proposal to carry out reconstruction of one building of the kindergarten to provide children of Cocieri and adjacent communities with better conditions for pre-school education. The local implementation committee determined this issue as a major developmental problem for the village, preventing the integration of population into professional activities and denying the children of the village from accessing qualitative pre-school education services.

Results: The project covered the costs of rehabilitation works, including the replacement of windows and doors; interior furnishing; replacement of internal electric wiring; replacement of sanitary units fitments and an overall repair of these areas; an overhaul of the heating network; installation of suspended ceilings. In the framework of the project implementation additional support was provided by UNDP/Energy and Biomass Project, which reconstructed the kindergarten hitting system installing a new one based on biomass. Currently the facility is fully operational and is able to host additional 75 children, providing them with very good conditions for pre-school education activities. Also the project generate additional 9 new jobs for people from the village of Cocieri. The implementation of the project contributed to diminishing the outflow of young families and created favorable conditions for life and work of the population, mobilizing the population in terms of socio-economic development of the village. The project improved the educational process and attracted a greater number of children.