Enhancing capacities for pre-school education in Caragas village, Slobozia region

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Caragas kindergarten administration, local implementation committee

Duration: June 2014 – March 2015

Budget: 103,622 EUR

Short description: Capital repair of the roof, replacement of windows and doors, some indoor finishing works to be performed. The kitchen, the ventilation system and the electricity facilities to be renovated. Two new group rooms to be renovated and opened.Increase the confidence of people from local community

Beneficiaries: over 180 children and their parents from Caragas village, local community

Results: As a result of implemented activities 185 children from Caragas village benefit from improved educational conditions, including having for the first time heated water in the pre-school; 50 additional children are now attending the kindergarten; the project contributed to the creation of 4 new jobs. In addition, the implementation of this project contributed to decreasing outflow of young families, creating favourable conditions for life and work of the village inhabitants and increasing confidence between people from both banks of Nistru River. The environmental sustainability of the institution increased due to the newly installed solar collectors for domestic hot water. The expecting savings of electrical energy will 10 300 kw/h annually. These improvements also contribute to mobilization of local population in terms of socio-economic development of the village of Caragas.