Ecological Reconstruction of the Yagorlic Natural Reserve

Sector: Environment

Implemented by: Eco-Tiras NGO

Partners: Environmental NGOs of Transnistria and Moldova; local population of villages surrounding the reserve; the Research Institute of Ecology and Natural Resources of Transnistria; Academy of Sciences of Moldova; Scientific communities of Moldova, including Transnistria region.

Duration: August 2009 – February 2011

Budget: 72,000 EUR

Status: Project activities concluded. Report submitted on May 18, 2011. The report was positively evaluated and approved. Project Delivery 100 %


  • Conservation of the unique biodiversity of the “Yagorlic” Natural Reserve in the frames of the realization of international International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Countdown 2010 Initiative which has the goal to stop the losses of world biodiversity until 2010.
  • Restoration of autochthonous vegetative communities.
  • Preservation of fish diversity and creation of better conditions for reproduction of autochthonous fish species.
  • Public awareness and educational measures among local villagers for their involvement to conservation of the reserve biodiversity.

Beneficiaries: People on both banks of Nistru

Results:The implementing partner has identified the specific sites to be reconstructed, the plant species to be eradicated, hired specialists for the reconstruction and eradication and prepared a bio-diversity conservation plan. Several coordination meetings have been conducted and the existing baseline information has been updated.  Due to delays in implementation, project activities have been largely shifted to spring 2010. The key risk was that the initial project objective of totally reconstructing biodiversity of the natural reserve was over-ambitious, because it was found to be unfeasible and unrealistic. The implementing partner was assisted by the UNDP project team in defining updated goals, objectives and indicators, as well assess a feasible timeline for achieving the outcomes.

Engaging partners in Transnistrian region

Development of a management plan for the reserve and practical works in the fieldCapacity building and awareness raising