Drinking water network rehabilitation in Nezavertailovca village, Slobozia district, TN region

Sector: Environment

Implemented by: Renasterea NGO, from Talmaza village

Duration: December 2009 – July 2010

Budget: 68,383 EUR

Partners: NGO Aquavita, local communities in Nezavertailovca village, TN region and Talmaza village, Moldovan side.

Status:Activities finalized. Project activities concluded. Report submitted on 29 October 2010. The report was positively evaluated and approved. Project Delivery 100 %

Short description: Rehabilitate the public network of water distribution in Nezavertailovca village and provide water to 50% of households and social institutions.

Beneficiaries: Inhabitants of Nezavertailovca

Results: The project included capital repairs of the aqueduct and sewerage systems in two local schools and kindergartens, the cafeterias, kitchens and bathrooms in the schools being also renovated. The NGO „Renasterea” in partnership with public authorities and local NGOs have also renovated five water towers in the village, installing an aqueduct with a length of 7 km on seven streets in the village. As a result of project implementation, 2,500 inhabitants of the village or 54,2% of the total population benefited from the rehabilitation works. 960 inhabitants were connected to the water network, as they did not have access to water distribution networks at all