Developing capacities of export and internationalization of consultants from both banks of the Nistru river

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Alternative Internationale de Dezvoltare AID (right bank), in consortium with Sigma Expert (left bank) and Institute of Export (United Kingdom)

Budget: 103,930 EUR

Duration: October 2016 – July 2017

Short description: To develop business consultancy market by providing trainings and international certification in the area of export promotion to at least 15 consultants

Beneficiaries: Direct – 20 participants to the training course. Indirect – companies in need of highly qualified consultants to promote their exports

Results: The project has successfully enhanced capacities of consultants from both banks to provide new business services to the private sector, especially to promote export on abroad markets, under the DCFTA terms. The certified export consultants have joined efforts with 20 business consultants (certified within a similar project) to create the first cross-river business association aiming to provide business services on both banks, and on neighbour markets.

•The work plan and methodology of the courses were drafted by the international consortium for 20 beneficiaries from both banks selected in an open competition;

•The training was ensured by the consortium and the most important component of the learning program was ensured by the Institute of Export and International Trade from UK – online learning programme. Seminars and practical trainings were ensured by experts involved by the Public Administration  International (United Kingdom), Alternative Internationale de Dezvoltare (Chisinau) and Sigma-Expert (Bender);

•The learning program aimed to provide knowledge on tools and instruments needed for conducting international trade transactions (i.e. document preparation, transport, warehousing, customs clearance, packing, INCOTERMS, documentary credits, documentary collections, trade finance, DCFTA/trade facilitation instruments and other related aspects, relevant for particularities of exporting to potential selected markets and other;

•By the end of the project 18 consultants have been certified by Institute of Export and International Trade from UK.