Cultural and artistic activities – an accessible way of bringing people together

Sector: Social

Implemented by: Renasterea Association in partnership with Talmaza town hall; Turunciuc NGO from Slobozia; Department of Culture from Stefan-Voda; ECO-TIRAS NGO, Chisinau

Duration: May 2014 – February 2015  

Budget: 18,745 €

Short description: 38 artistic bands (8 from the left bank and 30 from the right bank) totalling 373 people (217 women and 158 men) participated in 13 cultural activities held in Stefan Voda and Slobozia local communities where they demonstrated their professionalism and artistic experience and promoted confidence through culture as an accessible way of connecting people from both banks;

  • 45 sets of traditional costumes were manufactured for 3 musical and dance bands from Talmaza who participated in joint cultural activities;
  • The Talmaza and Nezavertailovka houses of culture were endowed with musical equipment: 4 acoustic speakers, a sound amplifier, a radio-microphone, artistic lighting device, 4 wardrobes to keep the traditional costumes;
  • 3848 viewers enjoyed the artistic performances on both banks and learned old traditions and cultural heritage;
  • 5 round tables were organized with representatives of artistic institutions from both banks; as a result 4 partnership agreements were signed between cultural institutions form both banks of the river to further participate in joint artistic events.