Cross river partnership to ensure youth access to health education

Sector: Social     

Implemented by: Family Planning Association of Moldova (FPAM)

Budget: 51,420 USD

Duration: February 2010 – September 2011

Partners: Center for Support and Development of Civic Initiatives „Resonance” and the Y-PEER Network Moldova.

Status: concluded. Project Delivery – 100%. The final report was submitted and approved on 18 November 2011. The initially approved amount for the project constituted USD 44,503. Given the satisfactory implementation of the project, the grantee was awarded additional funds in the amount of USD 6,917.50 (addendum no. 1 to the grant agreement of 26.09.2011), for a follow-up training, in order to strengthen the acquired skills and knowledge of 20 new peer educators from both banks of the Nistru River (Tirapol, Bender, Criuleni and Orhei), engaged in promoting healthy life style among their peers.

Short description:

– Ensure access to health education for nearly 70% of young people living in Tiraspol, Criuleni, Bender and Orhei through peer to peer education methodology, i.e. social theatre;

– Mobilize young people to inform their peers about SRHR;

– Engage young people from 4 schools in social theatre activity and create 4 social theater clubs that will become members of Y-PEER network, 2 on the right bank and 2 on the left.

Beneficiaries: Over 1000young people between 14-18 years from Tiraspol, Criuleni, Orhei and Bender regions.

Results: 20 young people of 14-17 age groups from the schools of Tiraspol, Criuleni, Bender and Orhei (Biesti village) trained as peer educators on sexual reproductive health, during the ToT organized in February 2011, and during the follow-up training held in November 2011. The second training had also a planning component, where the extension of health education activities to rural areas on the both banks of the Nistru river, and the intervention strategy was discussed and agreed with the Transnistrian partner organization. 20 new peer educators had the opportunity not only to broaden their knowledge on STIs and HIV/AIDS prevention, work with professional actors and international trainers from the Y-Peer network, but also to learn about the cycles of a project, and exercising in writing project proposals.4 (four) new social theater clubs, of 8-10 pupils each, were created in Tiraspol, Criuleni, Bender and Orhei (Biesti village), aiming to inform their peers through the social theatre performances. 961 adolescents from 7 educational establishments of Tiraspol, Criuleni, Bender and Orhei (Biesti village) were informed about the healthy lifestyle, responsible behaviour, HIV/AIDS, and STI prevention during the informational, educational and communication campaign “PRO-Health”, carried out during April–May 2011. These were short 15 social theatre presentations on health issues, applying peer to peer methodology. 8 social theatre clubs participated at the 2nd edition of the National Festival of social theatre performances and peer to peer experience on 26 June 2011 in Chisinau.The festival hosted 130 participants and teachers from 7 regions of Moldova (Drochia, Glodeni, Orhei, Criuleni, Cahul, Bender, and Tiraspol), and had as invitees 100 youngsters from Chisinau and 35 from other regions of the country. Among participants were also the clubs formed within the current project. The 3rd and the 2nd places were awarded to the teams from Tiraspol and Bender.The festival was organized in partnership with the Y-Peer network and the Transnistrian partner, NGO “Resonance”, with the additional support from UNFPA, IOM, and the Ministry of Education.Within the activity the following promotion materials were produced: festival flags (450 copies), t-shirts (150), 2 banners.400 young people aged 13 – 18 from Transnistrian region informed about STI, HIV/AIDS during four (4) theatre performances held at the summer camp in Dubasari („Лесная поляна”), at the school in Glinoie village, and at the day-time summer camps from Parcani and Taslic (Grigoriopol) villages. 404 youngsters from the 6-11 grades, and 10 teachers from the schools of Tiraspol, Bender, Dubasari and villages Glinoie, Taslic and Parcani from the Transnistrian region were informed during 8 informative sessions aimed at increasing the level of knowledge, attitude and behavior on preventing STI, HIV/SIDA, and informing about the basis of youth reproductive health.The performances and the informative sessions were held by the members of the social theatre clubs from Bender and Tiraspol, and the volunteers of the “Resonance” Centre, using interactive methods as case study, brainstorming, energizers, work in groups etc; stressing the reasons why it is important to care about youth health, what risks the teenagers could face, the ways of STI, the symptoms of STI and HIV/AIDS. Within the implemented project, the Family Planning Association of Moldova (SPFM), Y-Peer network and the NGO “Resonance” from Bender have developed a successful partnership, which was both productive and promising in terms of extending the existing project in the future, especially in rural areas of Transnistrian region.